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Creating Meta Tag Keywords

This page will help you make the optimal meta tag keywords list for your web pages by producing a relevant list of keywords that will improve your search engine ranking. 
The javascript will parse your web page and perform these optional tasks:
  • convert every word to lowercase;
  • remove some common words;
  • remove contracted words;
  • remove duplicate words and
  • show you the important words that remain. 

You can decide which of the above actions you wish to implement using the appropriate checkboxes listed below.  All options are activated initially.  Simply copy the html code of your web page(s) into the textarea box below (or highlight and copy the web page content from your browser).  Then view your potential keywords in the second textarea box.  All for free.
An additional textarea box will show you some possible pluralized and singularized words you may wish to include within your keyword tag. 
Enter Content From Your Web Page:

OPTIONS:  convert every word to lowercase
 remove common lowercase words
 remove duplicate words
 remove contracted words
 remove html tags
 pluralize, singularize words

Useful Keywords Extracted From Your Web Page:

Possible pluralized and singularized words you may wish to include:



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